An exhibition at the Phillips collection in Washington, D.C. this summer of 33 internationally renowned figurative painters will include works by Alice Neel and Arnaldo Roche-Rabell.

“We presently are offering truly outstanding works by both Neel and Roche-Bell,” noted gallery owner-director Virginia Miller. “These may be seen on our web site,, by clicking under Artists and then Masters.”

According to an article in the April 14, 2009 online art review,, the exhibition “Paint Made Flesh” presents works created between 1952 and 2006 in Europe and the United States tracing “figurative paintings powerful personal and social commentary.” The article goes on to state:

“ Artists such as Alice Neel, whose unflinching paintings are among the most powerful portraits of the 20th century, distorted the anatomy of their subjects and used an unusual color palette to express the themes of poverty, despair, and turmoil.” For more information on Neel, see our Feb. 20, 2009 gallery blog, which includes her 1927 watercolor titled “Contrasts,” in which the lifelong socialist depicts the dominance of an affluent society matron over a diminutive, less fortunate woman.

For more information on Arnaldo Roche-Rabell, one of the leading artists of Puerto Rico, see his gallery blog dated Oct. 26, 2007, which includes an illustration of a major work available at the gallery. “This incredibly powerful painting catches viewers in its swirls of furious movement,” says Virginia Miller.

The article further notes that “Paint Made Flesh was organized by the Frist Center for the Visual Arts in Nashville, Tennessee. The curator is Mark W. Scala, chief curator of the Frist. After its presentation at the Phillips, the exhibition will be on view at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, N.Y., from Oct. 25 to Jan. 3, 2010.”

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