ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries regularly exhibits the work of Colombian painter Marco Tulio in its group exhibitions of Latin American artists as well as at such expos as the 2008 Bridge Art Fair during Art Basel Miami Beach and at Arteaméricas, the annual Latin American art fair.

Tulio’s stylized, surrealistic paintings have been described as “magic realism” reminiscent of the literary works of his countryman, Gabriel Garcia Márquez.

Rod Drown, editor and publisher of the popular blog “Muse Views,” writes that Tulio “achieves a quality of heightened reality. He has a refined skill at presenting archetypal forms within the painting that, although subtle and nuanced, are accessible to close observation.”

Drown goes on to describe the three triangular shapes that form the composition of one of Tulio’s paintings, and notes that “in Buddhist philosophy, geometry and symbolism are the means whereby all spiritual facts are expressed, and through which they are to be interpreted. The set of three is the triad in which is expressed the triple nature of the manifested soul” and that whether or not the artist composed the painting in this manner, “Tulio’s discerning use of geometry and symbolism characterizes his mental state,” which he suggests was “a religious state of mind—and, in a sense, (he) painted an icon.”

At the conclusion of his lengthy article, Drown observes that in recent years, Tulio did a number of paintings for the Vancouver Opera Society. Several of them, including works depicting leading characters from “Madame Butterfly” and “A Masked Ball,” are included here

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