Humberto Castro’s latest exhibition, “Contemporary Fables,” launches a new direction in his work, visual metaphors based on the concept of fables and of historic immigration as the foundation for today’s society. The new series is an extension of the concept behind many of the paintings and drawings in the Cuban artist’s first 15-year retrospective, held at ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries in 2006-07, which used classical mythology in veiled references to what he calls “the horror of having to abandon one’s homeland through a maritime Berlin Wall.” According to Miami Herald writer Fabiola Santiago, Castro is “a member of the daring 1980s generation of avant-garde Cuban artists who broke through government censorship, launched independent art collectives, and for too short a moment, staged exhibits and performance art critical of the island’s totalitarian regime.”

Contemporary Fables” is on exhibit from October 3rd – 30th, 2008.

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