Richard WoldendorpBorn in the Netherlands in 1927, Woldendorp decided to emigrate to Australia after spending three years in Indonesia while serving in the Dutch army. He had studied art and painting as a young man in Holland, and when he acquired his first camera in 1955 he saw its artistic potential at once. After honing his photographic skills through participation in several camera clubs, he began winning national photographic competitions. He quickly became well known for his artistic approach to Australia’s infinitely varied aerial landscapes, which he continued to photograph over the past 40 years and has documented in 16 books. Writing in “Rangefinder” magazine, author Peter Skinner notes that “Woldendorp’s images”–whether of designs forged by wind and rain on rock, or of the intricate and colorful abstractions of rivers and estuaries, or of desert plains–”portray the essential elements of Australia’s natural history.”

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