Lisa Bartleson

July 10, 2012Gallery Artists
Bartleson, Sphere XXII, Mixed Media and Resin on Panel, 37 x 37 x 3 inches, 2011, BAR6 Lisa Bartleson, Scale XXXX Sphere X, Mixed Media and Resin on Panel, 29 x 29 x 3 inches, 2011, BAR2 Lisa Bartleson, Scale XXXXI Sphere XI, Mixed Media and Resin on Panel, 29 x 29 x 3 inches, [...]

José A. Vincench Interview by Coral Gables Television

February 1, 2012Gallery Artists, Latin American Artists

During his visit to Miami, Jose Angel Vincench was interviewed in the gallery by Veronica Hernandez of Coral Gables TV. The artist describes his art, which has focused on Cuba’s “Women in White,” political prisoners, and other sociopolitical issues as “an extension of myself.” According to Vincench, the current exhibition–“Vincench vs Vincench, A Dissident Dialogue … Read More

Ned Evans

March 1, 2010Gallery Artists

When a surfer catches a wave perfectly, for a few ecstatic moments his body, the surfboard and the sea become one, flying with the wind toward the implacable beach. Malibu, Baja, El Salvador, Hawaii: the Meccas of surfing have been the classrooms of Ned Evans for nearly a half-century, just as were the art classes … Read More

Wang Niandong

November 24, 2009Gallery Artists

As with so much Chinese contemporary art, the sensuous women depicted by Wang Niandong are more than meets the eye, according to one critic. Chinese artist Wang Niandong frequently superimposes a young woman against an urban background with butterflies, gazelles or other symbolic references to nature. Most critics think the butterflies refer to a transformative … Read More

Josephine Haden

February 22, 2009Gallery Artists, Gallery News

Gallery artist Josephine Haden continues to rack up impressive awards and exhibitions.  Her work will be featured in a one-person exhibition at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, Virginia, from June to September 2009. Haden also was awarded  the prestigious Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship for 2008-09, juried by Jeffrey Grove, Curator … Read More

Alfredo Arcia, El Arresto

February 14, 2009Gallery Artists, Latin American Artists

Mystery! Sex! Religion! Politics!  Military maneuvers! Surrealism! All those and more are found in the Latin American magical realism of Venezuelan painter Alfredo Arcia, whose subject matter often defies explanation or analysis but never fails to jolt the imagination. In “El Arresto,” one of the artist’s least complicated compositions, armed soldiers in combat gear debark … Read More

Soledad Salamé

February 13, 2009Gallery Artists, Gallery News

Gallery artist Soledad Salamé will open a one-person exhibition that explores how global warming is changing the Maryland coastline at the Contemporary Museum in Baltimore on March 26th. Marianne and Robert Taylor will hold a champagne brunch fundraiser for the project on March 8th in their waterfront home in Pasadena, Maryland. The artist will speak … Read More