Mateo Blanco, the opera-singer-turned-visual-artist, has once again attracted international attention, this time for his kinetic portraits of Madonna being exhibited at ArtSpace/ Virginia Miller Galleries in downtown Coral Gables, Florida from December 1, 2017 through January, 31, 2018.

Illustrated articles about the exhibit appeared in the Los Angeles Times; El Universal, a leading Venezuelan newspaper; Diario las Américas, the oldest Spanish-language newspaper in South Florida; Agencia EFE, the international Spanish-language news agency; and Televisora Nacional, S.A., one of the most popular television stations in Panama.

Blanco, who has been widely publicized for his celebrity portraits done in various foods, feathers and dog hair, placed two poses of Madonna behind a slatted screen, so they appear to move as viewers change position. According to the artist, the series of portraits represent “a spectrum of desires” in colors ranging from a passionate red to a modest pink.


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