I created a number of boxes intended to have a sculptural dimension, with deep painted sides.

like Jackson Pollock, I poured and dripped paints and artist’s colors so their pigments pooled, cracked and bled into each other. The effect of their thick surfaces is almost like a topical map.

I have this aesthetic taste for conveying a sense of weightlessness, like the euphoria you feel on a giant swing when it leaves your stomach behind.

I also like the idea that we are all in some state of motion: some people are on their way up, others are on their way down, and some drifting in-between.

I find that it is enjoyable to conceptualize my mental images of these cycles of life. All of us pass through them so swiftly they swirl like water, so we need to take a mental snapshot once in a while, like these boxes, to realize where we are.


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