The Astronaut and the Lady in a Summer Dress by Kyle

October 15, 2018Gallery Artists

I am a Florida native. Growing up, we lived in the shadow of NASA. When in elementary school in Cocoa, we were near the Canaveral seashore, and you could almost read the words on the side of rockets when they launched. Space exploration has always colored the way I look at things. I like the … Read More

The Dog Whisperer by Kyle

October 13, 2018Gallery Artists

The Dog Whisperer is made of found objects, designed to hang on the wall, like a sconce. Its base also is made of found wood pieces. I put the sled together with the idea of an Iditarod trail sled dog race. I like the idea of going out into the great unknown, and making way … Read More

Views on recent artworks by Trine Ross

October 13, 2018Gallery Artists, Magazine and Newspaper Reviews

Views on recent artworks Art Critic Trine Ross Oct. 13, 2018 In the Western World, we imagine time as a linear phenomenon, an infinite progression moving from yesterday, through today and into tomorrow. This perception of time, however, is not universal. Among the Aborigines in present day Australia, time is regarded as a concentric circle, … Read More

Abstract Boxes with Floaters by Kyle

October 13, 2018Gallery Artists

I created a number of boxes intended to have a sculptural dimension, with deep painted sides. like Jackson Pollock, I poured and dripped paints and artist’s colors so their pigments pooled, cracked and bled into each other. The effect of their thick surfaces is almost like a topical map. I have this aesthetic taste for … Read More

The Lady Risks All by Kyle

October 13, 2018Gallery Artists

There are two fetish elements to this piece. One is the lovely block of wood that reads like a landscape. The other fetish element is the late model car. I used tension to create a sense of movement, so that the moment feels kinetic and fluid. The woman, conservatively attired in an old fashion dress, … Read More

Israel Guevara: Color + Geometry review by Megan Abrahams in ArtPulse Magazine

October 13, 2018Gallery Artists, Gallery News, Magazine and Newspaper Reviews

Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams. Paul Gauguin If there were a recipe for the bold, dynamic, hard-edged work of Israel Guevara, it would most likely have only two main ingredients: line and color, with the latter being the predominant flavor. Color alone can confer surprising drama on even the … Read More

Behind the scenes with Kyle

October 7, 2018Gallery Artists

Kyle, a conceptual artist represented by the gallery, is shown as he and a crew of installers add eleven of his small constructions and seven canvases to the gallery’s ongoing exhibition, “Eccentric Visions Part II.” Kyle has been featured in Florida International Magazine and honored by being included in its Florida Artists’ Hall of Fame, … Read More

Planet of the Women by Kyle

October 7, 2018Gallery Artists

Planet of the Women started with a fetish piece, the wood. It looks like a rock formation. The women are a larger scale than the man, they are colorless, poised and thoughtful. It is as if they may not really exist or maybe not yet. Only the man is in color, and he is fleeing. … Read More