Abstract Diversity in Painting

Abstract Diversity in Painting Currently Being Exhibited at ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries See installation view here> Highly accomplished artists with different visions of abstract painting are being exhibited in “Abstract Diversity in Painting” at ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries in downtown Coral Gables, Florida through July 2019. For its spring show Virginia Miller, owner and director of Greater … Read More

A Decade of Realism – Paintings by Renato Meziat

Exhibition by Renato Meziat, Brazilian Hyperrealist, Opens at ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries is presenting its first one-person exhibition of paintings by Renato Meziat, a Brazilian realist whose still lifes are so realistic viewers reach out to touch their fruit and other objects. “Meziat shares the ability of the best hyperrealists to render ordinary … Read More

Mario Segundo Perez passes away

October 30, 2018Gallery Artists, Gallery News

ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries sadly announces that one of its most beloved artists, the Argentine magical realist Mario Segundo Perez, has died of complications from surgery. Everyone at the gallery and all those who loved him are overwhelmed with shock and grief at his passing. We send our sincerest love and condolences to his family and … Read More

Renato Meziat, solo exhibition opening soon

October 27, 2018Gallery Artists, Gallery News

Renato Meziat, whose solo exhibition opens at ArtSpace Virginia Miller Galleries on Nov. 2nd, confirms something that a lot of us have suspected for years: anyone can cultivate a set of skills in the arts, but most dedicated artists are born with a particular talent.  Meziat is a case in point: after spending his younger … Read More

Gallery Night and Frost School of Music Red Carpet kick off month

October 21, 2018Gallery News, Magazine and Newspaper Reviews

Gloria Burns led her recent column in Miami’s Community Newspapers with a photo of Virginia Miller and her husband, Bill DuPriest, at ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries’ opening reception for “Eccentric Visions Part II” on Gables Gallery Night. She noted that Miller, who served with Burns on the Coral Gables Community Foundation, was instrumental in launching the … Read More

The Astronaut and the Lady in a Summer Dress by Kyle

October 15, 2018Gallery Artists

I am a Florida native. Growing up, we lived in the shadow of NASA. When in elementary school in Cocoa, we were near the Canaveral seashore, and you could almost read the words on the side of rockets when they launched. Space exploration has always colored the way I look at things. I like the … Read More

Eccentric Visions Part II

‘Eccentric Visions Part II’ Augmented With 12-Foot Photo, Conceptual Works and Poetic Realism Along with a wall of new conceptual works by Kyle and a spectacular 12-foot panoramic photograph of mid-Manhattan and lower Central Park by Robert Catasus, “Eccentric Visions Part II,” the ongoing exhibition at ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries in downtown Coral Gables, now includes … Read More

The Dog Whisperer by Kyle

October 13, 2018Gallery Artists

The Dog Whisperer is made of found objects, designed to hang on the wall, like a sconce. Its base also is made of found wood pieces. I put the sled together with the idea of an Iditarod trail sled dog race. I like the idea of going out into the great unknown, and making way … Read More

Danish Art Critic Explicates Paintings of Anders Moseholm

October 13, 2018Gallery Artists, Magazine and Newspaper Reviews

Writing in her webzine, “It’s All About Art,” Danish art critic Trine Ross has posted an eloquent and highly informative essay on the paintings of Anders Moseholm, whose works are featured in the current exhibition at ArtSpace/ Virginia Miller Galleries, “Eccentric Visions Part II.” “Whether they are city-spaces or spaces within the buildings that make … Read More