Abstract Boxes with Floaters by Kyle

October 13, 2018Gallery Artists

I created a number of boxes intended to have a sculptural dimension, with deep painted sides. like Jackson Pollock, I poured and dripped paints and artist’s colors so their pigments pooled, cracked and bled into each other. The effect of their thick surfaces is almost like a topical map. I have this aesthetic taste for … Read More

Exhibition by Renato Meziat to open in November at ArtSpace Virginia Miller Galleries

October 13, 2018Press Release

Exhibition by Renato Meziat, Brazilian Hyperrealist, Opens at ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries Renato Meziat, a Brazilian painter whose still lifes are so realistic viewers reach out to touch their fruit and other objects, will open his first one-person exhibition at ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries on Friday, Nov. 2nd. “Meziat shares the ability of the best hyperrealists to … Read More

The Lady Risks All by Kyle

October 13, 2018Gallery Artists

There are two fetish elements to this piece. One is the lovely block of wood that reads like a landscape. The other fetish element is the late model car. I used tension to create a sense of movement, so that the moment feels kinetic and fluid. The woman, conservatively attired in an old fashion dress, … Read More

Israel Guevara: Color + Geometry review by Megan Abrahams in ArtPulse Magazine

October 13, 2018Gallery Artists, Gallery News, Magazine and Newspaper Reviews

Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams. Paul Gauguin If there were a recipe for the bold, dynamic, hard-edged work of Israel Guevara, it would most likely have only two main ingredients: line and color, with the latter being the predominant flavor. Color alone can confer surprising drama on even the … Read More

Behind the scenes with Kyle

October 7, 2018Gallery Artists

Kyle, a conceptual artist represented by the gallery, is shown with Virginia Miller as they and a crew of installers add eleven of his small constructions and seven canvases to the gallery’s ongoing exhibition, “Eccentric Visions Part II.” Kyle has been featured in Florida International Magazine and honored by being included in its Florida Artists’ … Read More

Planet of the Women by Kyle

October 7, 2018Gallery Artists

Planet of the Women started with a fetish piece, the wood. It looks like a rock formation. The women are a larger scale than the man, they are colorless, poised and thoughtful. It is as if they may not really exist or maybe not yet. Only the man is in color, and he is fleeing. … Read More

Eccentric Visions

Eccentric Visions Robert Catasus, Arless Day, Renato Meziat, Anders Moseholm & Mario Segundo Pérez I believe that this show, “Eccentric Visions,” is an example of how much I love seeing the world interpreted through the talent and unique visions of inspired and accomplished artists. I cordially invite you to enjoy it as much as I … Read More

Eccentric Visions Are Featured at ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries 

May 1, 2018Gallery News, Press Release

View galley installation here > Four artists with unique styles and subject matter will be featured in “Eccentric Visions,” the new exhibition at ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries in downtown Coral Gables opening May 4, 2018. “Although at first they appear unrelated, each of these artists takes reality and stretches it into another dimension that reflects their particular … Read More

ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries To Represent Brazilian Realist

April 20, 2018Gallery News

ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries is pleased to announce representation of Renato Meziat, a Brazilian autodidact whose hyperrealistic still lifes and figurative paintings have been exhibited since 1979 in such leading venues in Brazil and the United States as Hammer Galleries in New York City and Galeria Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro. “Meziat shares the ability of … Read More

Danish Artist Now Represented By ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries

March 7, 2018Gallery News

Paintings by Anders Moseholm, a Danish artist who describes his works as “improvisations and interpretations…romantic, beautiful and scary,” may now be seen at ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries, his first representation in the Southeastern United States. According to the artist, rather than recreate a place, “I am trying to create a mood – a sense of motion, … Read More