Fran Hardy's Oil-and-Tempera Technique Developed by Jan van Eyck

July 13, 2005Gallery Artists

No one can glance at a painting by Fran Hardy. Her painstaking oil-and-tempera technique, developed by Jan van Eyck in the early 1400s, gives her work the most amazing inner glow, almost as if they arre illuminated from within. In fact, one of her recent paintings is appropriately called “Glow.” The phenomenon can’t really be experienced on … Read More

Dancing Couple Seems Wistful in Fernando Botero's Drawing

July 12, 2005Latin American Artists

One of the world’ best-loved artists, Botero’s work often seems to be a static, unemotional snapshot of someone looking at the viewer. The reason I prefer this little drawing is that although it is instantly recognizable as a Botero, its animated subjects seem alive. The man looks a little pensive, perhaps wistful, and the dance-hall background seems … Read More

Carlos Mérida's Jewel-like Small Compositions on Paper

July 11, 2005Latin American Artists

Works by Carlos Mérida, who is considered one of Latin America’s pioneer modernists, fall into three distinct periods. His early work was figurative, which was followed by a surrealist phase. His late work, including these jewel-like small compositions on paper, was geometric. Their abstract compositions are enriched by spicy colors, impastoed elements and suggestions of … Read More

Allison Stewart, Biologist-Turned-Artist, Adds a Touch of Sensual Romance to Floral Still Lifes

July 8, 2005Gallery Artists

Stewart’s sensual paintings, with their indefinable romantic appeal, can be compared to a movie starlet who’s also a member of Mensa. The biologist-turned-artist begins each work with a background suggesting a site plan, architectural grid or oil field map, then paints her loose, expressive renderings of layers of wildflowers and weeds, her delicate washes suggesting … Read More

Arless Day Creates the Magic of a Master Collagist

July 7, 2005Gallery Artists

Arless Day has the uncanny ability to assemble a collage of disparate printed materials, photographs and paint into an environment that we want to live in, and to repeat the process in each of his widely popular works. His seamless works offer a graphic demonstration of the magic that a master collagist can conjure. See artwork and … Read More

'Latin American Invitational' Exhibition Features 'Masters of Today and Tomorrow'

June 26, 2005Gallery Artists, Gallery News, Latin American Artists, Magazine and Newspaper Reviews

A review in “El Nuevo Herald” of the gallery’s “Latin American Invitational” exhibition includes color photos of works by Leonora Carrington, Michelle Concepción, Alexis Fernández and Marco Tullio. Virginia Miller notes that its disparate artists are “the masters of today and tomorrow.” For more information, click here.

Hugo Crosthwaite Exhibition Reviewed by Eminent British Author Edward Lucie-Smith

June 5, 2005Gallery Artists, Gallery News, Latin American Artists, Magazine and Newspaper Reviews

Two of the gallery’s artists are featured as cover stories on the Summer 2005 issues of  “Arte al Dia” and “NY Arts” magazines. To read the review of Hugo Crosthwaite’s “Maniera Obscura/In a Dark Manner 1998-2005” exhibition by the noted author Edward Lucie-Smith, go to Artists, Hugo Crosthwaite, and Reviews. For more information click here.