'Gunther Gerzso: Defining Mexican Abstraction' Reviewed by Elisa Turner in 'ARTnews,' 'The Miami Herald'

June 5, 2004Gallery Artists, Gallery News, Latin American Artists, Magazine and Newspaper Reviews

Art Critic Elisa Turner reviewed “Gunther Gerzo: Defining Mexican Abstraction” in both the June 2004 “ARTnews” and in “The Miami Herald.” She observes how Gerzso’s fluid early drawings, done during 1935-41, when he was set and costume designer at the Cleveland, Ohio Playhouse, laid the infrastructure for the architectural abstractions of his later style. The … Read More

Virginia Miller Among the Authorities on Latin American Art Interviewed 'Arte al Dia' 100th Issue

December 22, 2003Gallery News, Magazine and Newspaper Reviews

Virginia Miller, who has been exhibiting artists from Latin America since 1974, was one of the art authorities surveyed by ‘Arte al Dia’ on the art of Latin America. Each person interviewed was asked whether 1) art has become globalized, 2) painting continues to be a valid medium, and 3) Latin American art is internationally … Read More

'Matt Lamb: Evolution of a Vision' Reviewed in 'ARTnews' by His Biographer, Richard Speer

September 16, 2003Gallery Artists, Gallery News, Magazine and Newspaper Reviews

In his ‘Artnews’ review of “Matt Lamb: Evolution of a Vision,” author and journalist Richard┬áSpeer notes that “Matt Lamb blends technique and subject matter in an improbable, sometimes jaw-dropping fashion. His characters–dogs, fishes, elephants, and human-animal-plant hybrids–are shadows of another dimension.” Speer is an authority on Lamb, having authored the biography “Matt Lamb: The Art … Read More